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About Us

The All India Flat Manufacturer's Association was founded and registered in 1971 is the only National Association of Plastic Woven Sacks Manufacturers. The founder President is Mr. M.K. Ramachandra and the first unit went into Manufacture HDPE/PP Woven Sacks at Bangalore in the State of Karnataka during the 1971.The Industry slowly but steadily took roots in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. For the last several years the industry is coming in a big way in North India particularly Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and steadily growing in the Eastern region of Calcutta, Orissa , Jharkhand. Initially woven sacks was used for bulk packaging of cement, fertilizer and chemicals, have now made in inroads for packing food grains and cereals. The products mix has increased to cover leno bags for bulk packaging of perishables like onion, potatoes and vegetables etc , jumbo bags , Geo textiles, Agro horticulture application like Agri shade nets, tarpaulin for transport industry and bags for specialized application. The raw material like HDPE/PP required for the Industry is manufacturer by M/s. Reliance and M/s. IPCL, M/s. GAIL India Ltd and M/s. Haldia Petrochemical. There are more petrochemical Industry in the pipeline likely to come up in different State. The entire requirement of raw material is produced with in the country. Manufacturing units of Woven Sacks have even spread to our neighboring country like Nepal and Union Territories.

Due to lobby politics and reservation policies perused by the successive Governments has in fact been a main cause for the restriction for the growth of the Industry. The Association has been addressing this issue and slowly the Government have realized the necessity for dilution of the Jute Packaging Material Act.The total investment in this sector is presently 600 Crores, which is likely to go up to 8000/-crores in the year 2010. The Industry consumes raw material of nearly 700 Kilo Tons. The industry exports woven sacks and fabrics, Tarpaulins and Jumbo bags to many countries to the extent of 500 crores annually. The export figures will go up to 1500Crores by 2010 provided the Government gives the encouragement the industry deserves. The Industry is employing a large no of qualified engineers and works force in Keeping with its social Objective and is a major revenue earner for the central and the state Governments.

Meet Past Presidents

team member
Shri. Ravish B Kamath
2011 - 2014

M/s. Big Bags International

team member
Shri. Dinkar Maheshwari
2009 - 2011


team member
Shri. K.D.Agarwal

2008 - 2009


team member
Shri. D.R.S.P. Raju

2006 - 2008


team member
Shri . Vivek Jain

2004 - 2006